Pulsar EPS3i Battery Pack

Pulsar EPS3i Battery Pack

  • $129.97


Rechargeable Li-Po Battery Packs EPS3I and EPS5 are designed to power Pulsar and Yukon digital devices, thermal imagers, thermal and night vision riflescopes. Battery Packs can be used with devices of the Digisight, Digiforce, Quantum, Apex, Ranger series and other equipment outfitted with an external power supply jack and Weaver rail or 1/4″ socket. The EPS3I has a capacity of 2.4Ah, is equipped with a mount to be affixed to a
Weaver rail of a device. The EPS3I Battery Pack has a low battery indicator which allows you to permanently control your battery status and avoid unexpected discharge. This user-friendly battery pack comes equipped with a charge indicator for quick and reliable usage. Its waterproof plastic body will ensure functionality in any environment.


  • Capacity 2,4 Ah
  • Charge Indicator
  • Waterproof plastic body (IPX5)
  • Can be used with Digisight, Digiforce, Quantum, Apex, Ranger series and other equipment
  • Mount Weaver

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