Pulsar EPS5 External Battery Pack

  • $149.97

Featuring a 20-hour discharge time, a carrying case and a handy Velcro strap the Pulsar EPS5 can easily be stored in a pocket or vest, or strapped to the stock of the firearm.

Designed to power digital devices, thermal imagers and digital night vision riflescopes, the Pulsar EPS5 Rechargeable Battery Pack significantly increases the operational time of external equipment. 


  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Designed to power digital devices, thermal imagers, and night vision riflescopes
  • Increases operational time of external equipment
  • 20 hour discharge time


  • Battery Pack EPS5
  • Main Charger Unit 110 & 220 V
  • Car Adapter (2,1 mm DC Socket)
  • EU & US Plug Adapter
  • Carrying pouch with stock strap
  • Extension Cord (1 m)

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