AGM Anaconda TC50-Micro Clip-On Thermal

  • $4,495.00

The AGM Defense Anaconda TC-Micro is a compact thermal imaging clip on system that allows quick transformation of the day optics into thermal imaging device. 

The 50mm lens works well for medium ranges and is able to be attached to 1-8x daytime scopes.  The unit attaches to the bell of the scope with an adjustable clamping mechanism.  

The unit is powered by two CR123 batteries and will give up to 5 hours battery life.  USB power can also be connected for extended run times without any special cables.   

The AGM Defense Anaconda TC-Micro can be also connected to an optional video recorder for recording video or an optional external Wi-Fi module for conjunction with smartphones.

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy to operate device
  • High resolution 1024x768 OLED display
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Powered by two standard CR123A batteries
  • External power supply via micro USB 
  • 384x288 Resolution
  • 17μm Pixel Pitch
  • 50Hz Refresh Rate
  • 50 mm; F/1.1 Lens System
  • Onboard recording
  • Onboard WIFI

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