Dustin Merkel

Dustin is from Central Ohio and got a bit of a late start into the outdoors.  It all began for him with bowhunting Whitetail Deer in 2011, but he quickly found his real passion was Coyotes. 
Ever since then it has been all about chasing Ohio Coyotes, both in the daytime and at night.  He thoroughly enjoys learning about them and pursuing them multiple times a week.  Dustin has, over the years, owned and used many types of weapons and night vision and thermal optics in his pursuit of Coyotes. 
He enjoys helping people learn about the technology side of night hunting, and tells the story of his adventures through videos and social media. Night hunting is a lifestyle for him and when he is not scouting or hunting Coyotes, he also enjoys bowfishing,  bowhunting, and kayaking.