Matt Hagamaker

Matt currently resides in Columbus, Ohio but was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. He developed a love for hunting at young age and it has played a major role in his life ever since.  It began with small game and later progressed to big game, predators and later humans during his time in the Military (come on, thats sort of funny/true right?).
While serving with 1st Battalion 2nd Marine Regiment he gained a great deal of experience using Night Vision and Thermal technology.  During that time he primarily used PEQ laser systems as well as various military grade Night Vision and Thermal optics. 
By day, he works full time as a service technician doing Industrial Hydronics and Refrigeration. He has been married for 12 years and is a father of 3. Time to get out at night and get after it can be tight sometimes but with his supportive wife she makes sure there is time to put some fur on the ground every week.
Predator hunting has proved to be a huge passion for him. Having used a large variety of equipment in various applications he would be more than happy to give you his opinion and advice with what you are trying to accomplish with your equipment.