Squeal Team Six Texas

Scott Massey and Josh Pryor’s love for hunting and the outdoors started at a young age and as luck would have it brought them together in 2016. 
In early 2017 after many nights spent helping land owners rid their fields of feral hogs they formed, Squeal Team Six Texas.  They have devoted their hunting career to chasing wild pigs all across North Texas. They're always willing to help the new guy in the hunting industry with questions about night optics and tactics to have the best results.
Most nights and weekends they can be found hunting local crop fields using a combination of thermal and night vision technologies. Coming from the early days of sitting on hay bales shooting using a simple green light to now they have become experts in the night time hog hunting community. Weapons and optics of choice currently are a duo of 300 Blackout and 6.5 Grendel rifles outfitted with Sightmark Digital Night Vision and Pulsar Thermal Optics.