Autel Robotics EVO II Dual-R Thermal Drone **SALE**

  • $9,000.00

The all new Autel Robotics EVO II is the world’s most compact and powerful thermal drone.  It features the new FLIR BOSON 640x512 12 Micron thermal camera as well as a very powerful 8K visible camera.  Both sensors are housed in an ultra-compact, removable gimbal system for perfectly stable imaging.  Equally impressive is the EVO II’s flight time of 40 minutes in forward flight, or 35 minutes in hover. 

The EVO II Dual can be used for a variety of missions to include powerline inspection, firefighting, law enforcement, search and rescue, chemical plant inspection, and solar panel inspection. It is also the ideal tool for tracking and locating feral pigs or performing wildlife surveys.   

The thermal and visible cameras both incorporate digital zoom and the user can adjust many parameters.  It also features a unique “Picture-in-Picture” mode, where the operator can have a thermal overlay of the visible camera’s view.  This is extremely useful for first responders or search and rescue personnel.  The FLIR BOSON 640x512 12 Micron thermal sensor features a 30HZ refresh rate, 10 color palettes and several other notable features. 

The 8K visible camera offers unmatched clarity and will allow recording of up to 7680x4320 video and 48MP photos.  This allows for 4X “lossless” zoom, which means the operator can zoom in substantially without sacrificing resolution.  It also offers a 4K HDR for greater dynamic range of shadows and highlights. 

In addition the powerful main camera and thermal camera, the EVO II Dual features 360 degree obstacle avoidance protection composed of 19 groups of sensors.  Twelve visual sensors, the main cameras, ultrasound sensors, IMU’s and other sensors enable the building of three-dimensional maps and allows real time path planning. 

Another feature of the EVO II Dual is Dynamic Track 2.0, which allows the unit to track the speed and location of up to 64 targets simultaneously. 

The well thought out remote control features a large OLED display which gives flight information and can also be used for display of the camera or thermal image in lieu of a smart phone.  The remote features a built in phone holder and will readily connect to IOS or Android devices using standard cables.  Photos and video can be saved directly to the operator’s device via the Autel App.  The EVO II also features onboard an onboard Micro SD card for image and video storage. 

The EVO II Dual is manufactured in the USA with foreign and domestic parts and labor.  All non-domestic sourcing is from NATO countries only.  These units are qualified for public and enterprise sector use where data privacy is of importance and meets government requirements for public use.  These systems are designed to function without communicating with any server inside or outside the USA and Autel prides itself on ensuring data remains private.  Data security combined with our domestic manufacturing efforts provide a safe, secure, and efficient environment for any public safety agency with our Autel EVO II™ Dual platform.”

"Turn-Key" 640 12 Micron Thermal Drone Solution

The EVO II Dual is delivered completely “turn-key” and ready to fly as a full kit in a waterproof hard case.  In additional to the unit and remote, it also includes 3 batteries, spare props, detachable lighting system, multiple cables, multi battery charger, 12V car charger and a gimbal protector. 


  • FLIR BOSON 640x512 12 Micron Thermal Camera
  • 14mm Lens, 32 Degree Field of View
  • ½” CMOS 8K Visible Camera
  • 1-8x Zoom
  • 38 Minute Flight Time
  • 5 Mile Transmission Range
  • Level 8 Wind Resistance
  • 45 MPH Max Flight Speed
  • Constructed with a Magnesium Alloy Structure for maximum ruggedness
  • MP4 of MOV Video Format
  • IOS or Android Compatible

For full manufacturer specifications, manuals and other information, please click here