Firestorm Thermal Monocular

  • $895.00

Becoming completely aware of your surroundings, even in total darkness, is more affordable than ever with the Firestorm 1-4x19 Thermal Monocular.  The Firestorm's 384x288 sensor and 50 hertz refresh rate, combines with a high-resolution 640x480 LCD display to produce vivid thermal images. 

Ideal for aiding in hunting, wildlife observation, law enforcement search & rescue and more. Allowing full customization to fit the user's environment, the Firestorm features 3 distinct color palettes, full brightness and contrast adjustments and up to 4x zoom in 1x increments. 

In addition to its thermal technology, the Firestorm boasts useful features such as remote viewing and recording for iOS and Android devices through the IR-Tracker app, hot spot tracking and video output. Included with the Firestorm 1-4x19 are USB cable, hand strap, video cable and carrying case. 

One year warranty provided through Sellmark Corporation in Mansfield, Texas (Pulsar, Sightmark, Etc).


  • 384x288 resolution
  • 19mm lens
  • 550yd detection range
  • 4x zoom in 1x increments
  • 3 color palettes
  • 640x480 LCD display
  • 50hz refresh rate
  • Onboard rechargeable battery
  • Independent brightness and contrast controls
  • Photos / video recording through IR-Tracker app
  • Wifi connection to IOS/Android app
  • One year warranty

Items Included

  • Firestorm Thermal Monocular
  • Carrying Case
  • Video Cable
  • Hand Strap
  • USB Charging Cable 
  • Instruction Manual