Hoplite Phokus NVG Lens Cover

Hoplite Phokus NVG Lens Cover

  • $75.00

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**These sell new for $100-150**

Manufacturer Description

The Hoplite was developed by SOF end users to reduce far to near focusing time.  This is accomplished through a hinged aperture control. The patented technology provides unrivaled speed for target identification of threats at 5 feet or 300 yards. The hinged cover gives operators a critical advantage by allowing NVG's to stay focused out to infinity while simultaneously allowing Target ID of near threats by flipping the cover closed. Warfighters commonly modify their dust covers to gain this same advantage only to discover unreliable transitioning and functional inconsistency.  The Hoplite also helps to protect the objective lens of the NVG.  Tens of thousands of NVG's are damaged each year due to lens scratches and cracks. The improved Hoplite design replaces the existing dust cover and sacrificial lens.

The Hoplite is a great addition to your night vision goggle kit.  The rugged hinge allows the aperture to fold back against the goggle's body so as to be out of the way.  But, it is immediately available for engagement.  The Hoplite makes use of three different apertures.  The kit comes complete with two smaller aperture inserts that can be placed into the larger aperture hole in the cover.  These sizes were carefully chosen to offer the operator the most useful focal distances.  They include 1/8″, 3/16″, and 5/16″ openings.  The smaller the opening, the more added infrared light is required to boost the image.

Obviously, the infinity/close focus effect is achieved by limiting the amount of the light gathered by the objective lens of the goggle.  So, your image will be darker when the Hoplite is engaged.  For this reason, we find it is best used in areas with higher amounts of ambient light to help offset the diminished light effect.  It is especially useful while driving a vehicle because the instrument panel is in focus at the same time as the terrain while the instrument panel's lights provide the added illumination.  It is also a very useful tool in urban settings where there is more likely to be more man-made ambient light.  Regardless, it is a good idea to have a tertiary infrared illuminator at the ready.

The Hoplite is a phenomenal product that offers a straight-forward function with many benefits to the night vision user.