IR Driving Lights - 10" Light Bar

  • $329.00

The ULTIMATE 10" Infrared LED light bar uses 2 rows of 940nm infrared LEDs and a combination of optical reflectors to throw a beam pattern specifically designed for navigating at night. The beam consists of a wide spot as well as 120° floods that disperse 940nm light to the left and right for optimal visibility in complete darkness.

After rigorous field testing of many IR LED options we chose the same 940nm infrared LEDs used on military and law enforcement vehicles around the globe and put them in an ultra rugged and waterproof aluminum housing. Unlike 850nm wavelength LEDs used in many other IR lights bars, 940nm LEDs produce virtually no visible signature past 50 yards. 940nm IR LEDs also outperform white light LEDs with 940nm cut filters in output and power consumption. This makes 940nm the absolute best option for covert driving lights.

Each 10" light bar is supplied with a wiring harness with 2 leads and connectors as well as a splitter for an easy install or upgrade. The entire wiring harness is over-built so it will handle the addition of 2 ULTIMATE IR cubes.


  • 10" Dual Row 940 IR Light Bar
  • (2)Stainless Steel Side-Mounts
  • (2) Bottom Bracket Mounts
  • Power Switch
  • 40amp Wiring Harness w/ Fuse and Switch
  • Y-Harness for Optional 2" IR Cubes


  • Power: 9-36V Input
  • Operating Temperature: -40C to 155C
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Wavelength: 940nm
  • Output: 60w
  • Housing: Aluminum