Nightforce NXS Series

  • $1,600.00

For over 20 years, Nightforce NXS™ scopes have performed impeccably in the most brutal, unforgiving environments on earth. Conceived to exceed U.S. military performance standards, they have served reliably in theaters of war around the globe.

Serious hunters rely upon them for their ability to endure repeated recoil, blistering heat, sub-zero cold, rain, sleet, snow, mountains, rocks, falls, horses and even airline baggage handlers. 

NXS™ riflescopes are built to standards that exceed virtually any other optic on the market. Each must pass a battery of tests—including side and front impact—that would destroy an ordinary optic. Only the highest quality, most durable components are used in NXS™ riflescopes, assuring a lifetime of repeatable precision.

NXS™ lenses are painstakingly bedded with our proprietary Mil-Spec formulation, reducing any glass-to-metal contact that can result in breakages, stress, misalignment, and thermal shock.

Machined from solid bar-stock aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, Nightforce scope tubes are significantly thicker than other scopes for optimum optics protection and consistent, reliable performance. Even the titanium turret-adjustment springs are precision cut and painstakingly polished.  Glass-etched illuminated reticles are standard on every Nightforce scope.  Backed by Nightforce's rock solid limited lifetime warranty. 

Reticle Options

  • MOAR™ 
  • Mil-R™
  • MOAR-T™
  • NP-2DD™

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Available Models, 30mm Tube

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