NVO Open-Reed Predator Calls

NVO Open-Reed Predator Calls

  • $19.99

 **2019 Christmas Sale, Nov 21 - until sold out**
**Marked down to $19.99 from 39.99**

We're proud to offer these high-quality, open-reed design predator hand calls to our customers.  

These were created exclusively for Night Vision Outfitters by Cash's Custom Calls and this color combination can only be purchased through us. 

There are two variations, an open-reed coyote howler and an open-reed prey distress call. 

The Open-Reed Coyote Howler is the choice for producing almost every coyote vocalization.

The Open-Reed Prey Distress call is also very versatile and can produce many different prey sounds.  Some of these include all manner of rabbit distress, fawn distress and even excellent coyote pup distress vocalizations. 


These high-quality hand calls are constructed from a very strong poly-acrylic plastic for a long life.  They can also be hand washed with mild dish soap and water.  

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