NVO Pan-Tilt Thermal Camera System

  • $4,899.00


This system allows mounting of a thermal camera onto many vehicle applications.  It comes with a magnet attachment plate as well as a heavy suction cup mount.  The camera system is a FLIR Vue Pro 640 Resolution, 19mm, 30hz thermal camera for optimal image quality.  This camera is well proven and is in use in many similar systems as well as aerial applications. 

Items included

  • Pan-Tilt Camera Housing
  • Housing power cable with in-line Remote Control
  • Magnet & Suction Cup Mounts
  • FLIR 640 Resolution, 19mm, 30hz Thermal Camera
  • Instructions
  • 2 Year Warranty on the FLIR Camera

The unit comes plug and play.  You will need to supply a suitable display for your particular application as well as a RCA video cable and a USB 5V power cable.  These are available in many lengths to suit many mounting applications.  The display needs to have an RCA video input.  If your vehicle has an aftermarket dvd player, most of the time an input can be ran for it by a car stereo shop.  A 6-8" display will give optimal image quality.  

The housing is also paintable to match vehicle color.  Remove or cover the camera first of course.  

The FLIR Camera is designed to operate on 5V USB power only.  Any other voltage can damage the camera and failure will not be covered under warranty.