NVO PVS-14 (Thin-Film, White Phosphor)

  • $3,495.00


The PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular System is the most versatile night vision monocular available today.  It is currently in use with all branches of the United States Military as well as many Law Enforcement Agencies.  It can be used handheld, weapon mounted or helmet mounted.  It is also the preferred night vision optic for many foreign NATO forces. 

It allows the user to view their surroundings in full Gen 3 night vision detail while maintaining their natural vision in their unaided eye.  The PVS-14 can easily be weapon mounted behind most collimated and reflex daytime optics.  Some common examples include Trijicon ACOG, Aimpoint and Eotech Systems. 

Gain control allows the user to adjust the brightness of the unit so that he or she can have the perfect balance of night vision clarity without a blinding excess of light.  The PVS-14 also has an onboard IR illuminator for use in extremely dark environments at short range. 

All Night Vision Outfitters PVS-14 systems are housed in the highest quality housings and utilize the best lenses and components available. 

The units are extremely well built and carry a 10 year warranty.  Gen 3 image intensifier tubes have an average life span exceeding 10,000 hours of continuous use before any noticeable performance degradation.  This means that the unit will likely last more than the lifetime of the average user. 

Commercial PVS-14 System Information:

This unit is built using either an L-3 Warrior Systems or Harris Corporation Commercial Grade, Thin-Film, Gen 3, Auto-gated, Manual Gain, White Phosphor Image Intensifier Tube. 

Commercial systems are great for most users in most conditions and cost less than Mil-Spec Systems.  They must meet stringent minimum performance requirements.  All night vision devices have a unique image and some small dots or shaded areas outside the center are normal.   We only accept tubes that meet and exceed Night Vision Outfitters minimum specifications.   

Mil-Spec Intensifier Tube Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Elbit (Harris) Corporation
  • Power Supply: Auto-Gated
  • Gain Control: Manual Gain
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 25.0 min.
  • Resolution: 64-72 lp/mm
  • FOM: 1800 min.

Commercial Intensifier Tube Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Harris Corporation
  • Power Supply: Auto Gated
  • Gain Control: Manual Gain
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 23.0 min.
  • Resolution: 64-72 lp/mm
  • FOM: 1600 min.