Spartan GoCam Mounting Bracket for Security Box

  • $39.95

This HEAVY DUTY Universal Swivel Bracket will work with the scouting camera boxes if there is 5/16 clearance between the back of the camera and the inside of the box. This clearance is for the pinch nut. The ball is attached to the box by placing one nut on the inside and one on the outside and tighten. Item comes with 2 lag bolts. The bracket is made of heavy duty construction designed to support your camera and box with ease. It's made of heavy gauge steel and powder coated to prevent rust. If you like your camera in hard to mount places this is the bracket for you. It easily mounts up high in the trees where the bears cant reach and out of the line of sight of people. It can rotate about 45 degrees in any direction. Just attach ball to back of camera box by inserting it in one of the lag bolt holes. The camera box need to have a 5/16 inch lag bolt hole. Screw bracket on to tree and drop the ball in. You can point your camera in under 10 seconds. To remove camera at the end of season just loosen the knob. You can use python cable to attach camera and box to tree if desired. Multiple mounts can be used to quickly change camera locations. Lag bolts are included for mounting

This bracket is designed to work with the Spartan GoCam security box. The picture shows the security box for SG580MB mounted on the mounting brackets. The security box is not included. If you want to mount the camera only, you will need our camera direct mount bracket.