Wilcox L4 G24 Dovetail Mount (Breakaway)

  • $599.00


Wilcox leads the night vision goggle industry offering the L4 G24 low profile breakaway mount offering universal goggle mounting solutions. The G24 has been field tested by operators and fine tuned from their hands on experience with Wilcox's product.

Pioneering the break away feature, this mount disconnects from the base under stress reducing the potential for neck injury of the operator. This mount can be summarized in one word. Quality. From the superior finish, attention to design and function as well as being backed by our lifetime warranty, the G24 mount is your go to mount system for night vision goggles. The G24 is available in a black or tan finish. 

Key Features

  • Lock Release Lever allows NVG height to be easily adjusted up or down, then secured
  • A Breakaway Release Lever allows the operator to easily set the desirable mode (breakaway or locked) depending upon operational needs, and allows mount to break away under stress, or to securely lock in place
  • An ergonomically placed Flip Release Button allows the mount to flip up to a stowed position when the goggle is attached
  • Provides over-travel in the fully extended position to minimize the profile of the mount
  • A Tilt Adjustment Knob allows the operator to fine-adjust the tilt angle of the NVG
  • A Mount Release Lever allows attachment and removal of the mount
  • a Fore/Aft Release Lever allows for fore/aft travel of the goggle. Releasing the lever allows the operator to set the fore/aft position of the goggle
  • An ergonomically placed NVG Release Button allows for one-handed release of the NVG