The Pocket Drag (Big Boy Drag)

The Pocket Drag (Big Boy Drag)

  • $22.95

The Pocket Drag is an essential tool that every hunter should carry into the field.  It will fit in a pocket, backpack or glove box and greatly reduces the difficulty of dragging large or small game. These are strongest and most versatile game drags we've ever used.   

The Big Boy Pocket Drag is designed to easily drag feral pigs, deer, or coyotes by using two high strength steel cables attached to an industrial strength nylon handle. The difference in it and the Original Pocket Drag is longer cables and handle so as to be easier for a taller person to use.  Otherwise they function the same.  


  • 600 Pound Capacity
  • Two Steel Cable Drag Loops
  • One Nylon Carry Handle
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA