About Us


Our goal here at Night Vision Outfitters is to provide a first-class selection of night vision and thermal optics as well as other associated gear to meet the needs of the avid nighttime hunter, law enforcement professional or anyone else whose mission demands the best equipment.  

We are dedicated feral pig and predator hunters and we use everything we sell.  If we wouldn't want to use it then why should you?  We offer products at many price-points to help meet the needs of our broad client base and will gladly guide you to the proper equipment for your particular use and budget.

We also maintain a close relationship with the Law Enforcement and Military Communities.  We offer discounted pricing for Law Enforcement, Military (Active-Duty, Honorably Discharged or Retired) as well as EMS/Fire Departments.  Please message us for details.  

Night Vision Outfitters will constantly update the selection of gear we offer as new and improved technologies come to market.  We always want to use the latest and greatest gear and we want our clients to have the same opportunities.   

We thank you so much for stopping in and taking the time to visit our page.  We are never satisfied with “good enough” and constantly strive to improve our process in order to offer our customers the best service, support and gear available.   

Kindest Regards,

Night Vision Outfitters Staff