Clayton Reynolds & Punisher Hunting LLC

Clayton was brought up on his family farm in the small rural town of Runge, Texas. Growing up in a tractor, he would often see the damage that feral hogs did to his families’ crops, as well as the ecosystem. Although hunting was in his blood, after high school, Clayton moved to San Antonio pursue a college education. He received an Associate’s Degree in Science and Criminal Justice, and returned home to work for Valero Energy in 2013. It was at this time he really got into night hunting, and quickly started a business. 
Clayton licensed his business, Punisher Hunting LLC, in 2016, and continues to run it himself today. His hunts are known for their fast pace and unrivaled equipment. On a typical hunt, feral hogs are commonly run down in his custom built Jeep, at high rates speed. The setup allows 3 shooters to be strapped to the rig with suppressed SOLGW SBR’s and unlimited ammunition.
Clayton’s weapon of choice for the more subtle hunting of pigs is a 12.5” suppressed SOLGW rifle chambered in 6.5 Grendel. He is running a Trijicon MK2 35mm Thermal Scope on top of this freedom stick. Some other night gear used on his hunts and are ANVIS 9 Aviator Night Vision Goggles, a DJI inspire 1 Drone with a Zenmuse XT640 Gimbaled Thermal Camera, N-VISION Atlas Thermal Binoculars, FLIR Vue Pro 640 Pan/Tilt Thermal setup & a PEQ 15 Laser Designator. He is fascinated by technology and strives to keep the most up to date gear and knowledge.
Clayton is happy to answer any questions you guys may have regarding night hunting or thermal/night vision equipment. If he doesn’t know the answer, he will find it for you.
If you are interested in booking a hunt with Clayton, he can be found on Facebook, Instagram or at  Hunts take place in the vicinity of Runge, Texas, which is in South Texas, about 80 miles south of San Antonio.