Ken Kocon

Ken’s passion and love for the outdoors started at a very young age when his dad took him on his first squirrel hunt in the Western Pennsylvania woods.  That passion turned into an obsession that has allowed him opportunities to chase giant whitetails in Illinois and black bears in Quebec and many species in between.  As luck and fate would have it, and as the saying goes Ken is not originally from Texas but got here just as soon as he could. 
Ken spends most every weekend of the year for the last several years chasing feral hogs at night with thermal and night vision equipment. His current personal optics are a Trijicon Reap-IR, Armasight Zeus 640 and Pulsar Helion XP50.  Ken has owned or used most thermal optics on the market today.  Ken’s primary rifle is an AR10 in 308 and an 11.5” SBR in 6.8 SPC both suppressed.
Ken resides in Wylie, Texas and works in IT for a large insurance company.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Information Science and Technology from Penn State University and certificate in networking technologies also from Penn State.  When not hunting feral hogs Ken enjoys working on his lease properties, reloading, driving his classic muscle car, and hitting up the local lakes and creeks for some fishing.