EOTECH BinoNV-C Gen III Night Vision Goggle

  • $13,489.99


The EOTECH® BinoNV-C is a cutting edge, compact, ultra-lightweight night vision binocular built to the highest standards.  It is available to both professional and commercial customers.  Dual-tube systems offer much better depth perception than single-tube systems and are ideal for navigating by foot or driving vehicles. 

The BinoNV-C is built to MIL-SPEC standards and features a robust, but lightweight dual-articulating housing.  By using 16mm image intensifier tubes, this unit to have one of the smallest night vision binocular housings available.  Excellent image quality is provided by high quality optics combined with Photonis®  4G White Phosphor Image Intensifier Tubes with minimum FOM (Feature of Merit) of 2000.  Automatic brightness control ensures the proper level of brightness to the user’s eyes at all times.  Adjustable diopters provide users with the ability to fine tune the eyepiece focus to their particular eyesight.   

The dual articulating housing allows the user to flip a single tube up to a stowed / off position for single sided use.  The BinoNV-C housing includes an integrated dovetail mount to attach it to the included Wilcox® G24 mount.  When the Wilcox® G24 mount is stowed in the up position against the helmet, both tubes can be rotated close to the helmet for a low-stow / off position.  This ultralight night vision goggle weighs in at only .9 lbs including the battery, making it extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time. 

This unit is powered by one AA battery, and supports rechargeable, alkaline, or lithium.  When used with a quality lithium battery, the BinoNV-C can operate for up to 25 hours of continuous use.  An optional external power pack can be added for even more continuous operating time. 

The BinoNV-C is built for all conditions and is submersible to 66 feet for up to one hour.  It also complies with MIL-STD-810G waterproof and shockproof standards.

EOTECH® thermal and night vision products are backed by an industry leading ten-year factory warranty, so buy with the confidence that you, or department or agency will have reliable use of this optic for many years to come. 

NOTE:  A Wilcox® G24 Dovetail Mount System is included at no additional charge ($530.00 Value)


  • MIL-SPEC Dual-Articulating Dovetail Housing
  • Photonis® 16mm 4G Image Intensifier Tubes
  • Minimum FOM of 2000
  • Automatic Brightness Control
  • Adjustable Objective Focus
  • Adjustable Diopters (+2 to -6)
  • Ultralight weight (0.9 lbs, including battery)
  • 40.0 Degree Field of View
  • MIL-STD-810G Waterproof and Shockproof
  • 1 x AA Battery Power (Lithium, Alkaline, or Rechargeable)
  • Up to 25 hours operating time (lithium power)
  • Wilcox® G24 Dovetail Mount (Included)
  • 10 Year Factory Warranty

Items Included

  • EOTECH® BinoNV-C Night Vision Goggle
  • Wilcox® G24 Dovetail Mount (Black)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Technical Manual
  • Eyecups
  • Demist Shields
  • Sacrificial Lenses
  • Lens Cleaning Kit
  • Protective Carry Case