FOXPRO Scout Pack

  • $99.97

The new FOXPRO Scout Pack is specifically designed for the XWAVE and safely protects your valuable FOXPRO electronic game caller in the field.  It can also transform from a standard carrying case into a handy vest pack in order to make your hunt more comfortable.  

This pack includes a universal remote holder as well as fold down pockets that allow an electronic caller to be operated from within the case.  

While it's designed for the XWAVE, it can carry any FOXPRO electronic caller that will fit inside of it such as the Shockwave, or any other smaller caller.  

Notable Features

  • Designed for larger electronic calls (XWAVE, Shockwave)
  • Remote storage
  • Shooting stick storage
  • Molle webbing to attach a variety of accessories
  • Waist and chest straps
  • Convertible to vest/backpack wear
  • Removable coverings to use caller while in bag