IR-X Rechargeable Power Kit: Trijicon® IR-HUNTER

  • $199.00

The IR-X Battery Housing for the Trjicon Electro-Optics / IR Defense line of thermal optics is the answer to the quick battery drain of CR123 batteries, as well as the inconvenience of running wires to an external battery pack.  

The IR-X is machined from aircraft aluminum bar stock to the highest tolerances for a perfect factory fit.  It has a groove that fits the factory gasket to maintain factory waterproof integrity of the scope.  

The IR-X Rechargeable Battery Kit ships with a high quality XTAR VC2SL Li-Ion/NiMH/NiCd USB-C battery charger and two high quality KeepPower / Sanyo batteries.  The XTAR charger also has a built-in USB port for safely charging your other electronic devices using the power of the batteries.  

Per the manufacturer, the IR-X Kit will typically run the IR-Hunter for 8-10 hours in 60hz mode.  This performance is only possible by using high quality batteries.  You will see less run time in colder temperatures, as you would with any other battery.  

Please Note:  This kit is only compatible with the standard IR-Hunter Gen 1, not the Gen 2 units released in Fall of 2021.

Items Included

  • IR-X Battery Housing
  • (2) High Quality Rechargeable Batteries (Sanyo / KeepPower Typically)
  • Xtar VC2SL Premium Li-Ion/NiMH/NiCd USB Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Instructions

Please Note:  This kit is NOT compatible with these IR-Hunter models: HUNTER-24-2, HUNTER-35-2, HUNTER-60-2.  These are the Gen 2 IR-Hunters.  

To order extra batteries for the IR-X IR-Hunter Kit, please click here