Shoot-N-Glow Outfitter Series Thermal Target (Gen 2)

  • $169.99

Shoot-N-Glow Thermal Reactive Targets are the most durable and easiest way to zero your thermal weapon sight. The days of using hand warmers and walking down range are over.

This robust target can be used day or night in all weather conditions. It is portable, handy and nearly indestructible.  It can be drilled through and mounted any number of ways, or simply leaned up against a backstop. 

The Outfitter series is a large, square plate that is useful for sighting in multiple weapons in a day or for outfitters who have multiple shooters that need to check zero.  

Important Note: Only for use with .223 caliber or above.  Do not use with low velocity weapons.  

Shoot-N-Glow Thermal Targets ship directly from the manufacturer.  Most of the shipping costs are built into the price and final cost is calculated at checkout.