Two Vets Q.D.T. V2 LS I Shooting Tripod

  • $615.00


The Two Vets Sporting Goods Q.D.T. V2 LS I precision shooting tripod is designed to give shooters a competitive edge when shooting matches or predator hunting where maximum stability is required. 

The new Q.D.T V2 LS I features inverted 42mm carbon fiber leg sections which places the twist locks closer to the top of the tripod to allow quicker and easier use in many shooting scenarios.  

It features a quick deployment system with two leg sections with ratcheting and locking tabs for fast deployment.  A leg stopper system is incorporated into the Q.D.T LS I to keep the legs from crossing when stowed, which allows for quieter and quicker deployment.   

The V2 LS I series offers a more packable solution by reducing the footprint of the center section.  Additionally, this reduction of the center section equates to almost one pound of weight savings over the original Q.D.T. V1.  It is compatible with all standard ball-heads and saddles.

The Two Vets Q.D.T. V2 LS I is backed by a 5-year factory warranty, so buy with the confidence that you’ll be enjoying this tripod for years to come.


  • Designed for Precision Shooting & Hunting Applications
  • 42MM Carbon Fiber Legs with Inverted Leg Sections
  • 2 Inverted Leg Sections
  • ¼ Turn Twist Leg Locks at Top of Legs
  • Ratcheting Leg Adjustment Tabs
  • Spiked Feet Included
  • Weight Rating:  Up to 100 Pounds
  • Collapsed Height:  39 Inches
  • Maximum Deployed Height:  65.5 Inches
  • Weight:  4.8 Pounds
  • Compatible with Standard Ballheads and Shooting Saddles
  • 5 Year Factory Warranty

Items Included

  • Two Vets Q.D.T V2 LS I Tripod
  • Two Vets Spiked Feet