Wilcox L4 G11 Helmet Mount (Non-Breakaway)

  • $389.99

The L4 G11 Mount is a solid platform designed for interfacing with the AN/PVS-7B/D and AN/PVS-14 arm, providing a means of attachment to a variety of helmets via a Wilcox One-Hole HMI, Three Hole HMI, or standard Army Shroud. This mount offers the ability to adjust fore/aft position, vertical height, and tilt, allowing the operator to customize goggle placement to ensure optimal field of view. The G11 mounting system prevents breakaway of the mount, thereby reducing the operator's risk of losing the NVG.

Backed by the Wilcox lifetime warranty, the G11 mount is a secure fit with any of the full line of Wilcox shrouds or the standard Army shroud. The G11 non ‑breakaway mount features a horn interface shoe offering a firm attachment of the AN/PVS‑7B and AN/PVS‑14 with currently fielded AN/PVS‑14 arm to a variety of combat helmets. This mounting system prevents the breakaway of the mount reducing the operator’s risk of losing the NVG.


Dimensions (Operational)

4.65” L x 2.58” W x 3.80” H

Weight (G11 Mount Only)

.40 lb (6.35 oz)

Material Construction

Lightweight, Aerospace Grade Metal

Vertical Height Adjustment

.90” Total Travel

Fore/Aft Travel

1.60” Total Travel

Tilt to Horizon

12 Above, 5 Below